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Gun Holsters And More

Why Ankle Holsters

For many people, ankle holsters are something that spies in movies use or military men employ in the line of duty. But they do have some practical purposes in everyday life as well, even for those that aren’t expecting close quarters tactical situations.

Sit Much?

The vast majority of holsters including shoulder, hip, and belly band all have one big problem. They’re great and convenient while standing upright but tend to fall flat in terms of usability while sitting. It’s true that the need to access a weapon may be reduced while sitting, however should the need arise; an ankle holster is one of the best and fastest ways to get in touch with your firearm. Whether worn on the inside of the non-dominant leg or the outside of the dominant leg, the handgun is easily accessible even while sitting.

This usefulness translates into driving as well. It’s nearly impossible to access a gun from any other holster but an ankle holster while driving. Both position and the use of a safety belt can make this task almost impossible, but an ankle holster is easily reachable from a car seat.

Heavy Payload

Most ankle holster options include a secondary calf strap for additional security and support. For those that don’t like the added bulk and weight of certain weapons worn on the waist, an ankle holster with secondary strap can alleviate these problems, providing comfortable and carefree wear of even heavier weapons.

Virtually Invisible

In terms of choices for a concealed carry holster, few are able to offer the true concealment that one worn on the ankle can provide. Shoulder holsters require a jacket to conceal and pocket and hip holsters can print. Ankle holsters provide discreet and comfortable wear of even heavier weapons comfortably in exchange for some accessibility.

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